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Graze Promo Codes

Active Graze Codes & Vouchers - March 2013

For those of you entering the more healthy way of living, help yourself to Graze. This online health food delivery company handpicks the finest and most nourishing of foods, places them in hampers and ships them out nationwide with free delivery. It cannot be easier to start eating healthily, but it can be improved with the Graze Promo Code- healthy living for less. Whatever your tastes, enjoy your preferences delivered straight to your front door.Graze is a company that offers a unique product. The company, which is a new venture from the owners of Lovefilm.com, builds and delivers custom made healthy snack boxes to any address in the UK. Customers can choose for boxes to be delivered to either their home or work, giving them access to delicious, energy boosting foods whenever they wish. The process of ordering from Graze is very simple; customers select which type of box they would like, with options such as energybox, eatwellbox and nibblebox available. The next step is choosing delivery days. You can select to have the boxes delivered once a week or on multiple days, except Sundays. You are then given the chance to select which foods you like, love or do not like, from the range available. Graze will then build a box, which caters to the customer’s preferences and deliver it on the selected day. This method of selecting food guarantees that, while you will always be surprised by the contents of your snack box, you can be sure it will be something you enjoy. Graze snack boxes fit through any standard sized letterbox so you do not even need to be at home to receive your order.

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Anna wrote:

Check out http://graze.com - get a free box with this code - 6YNHXFVT - healthy snacks by post via @grazedotcom